From 4o YEARS of Shoulder Pain to PAIN-FREE Pushups in 40 HOURS Using The OAC™ System

Watch Moe Talking About How His Life Changed Using the OAC™ System:

Moe went from 40 years of constant neck and shoulder pain to doing multiple pushups PAIN-FREE in less than 2 days. 

State One
Moe had tried physiotherapy, massage, soft tissue release, and 3 shoulder cortisone injections. 

He was diagnosed in 2017 with a rotator cuff tear and was slated for a surgical repair. 

BUT due to risk factors with the anesthesia, the surgery was cancelled. 

He was left to believe that nothing could be done for his pain... 

State Two
Moe was referred to Brent, an Outcomes Accountable Care provider.

Moe's symptoms were resolved by 95% in 2 days with ONE simple NECK exercise.

The problem was NOT coming from his shoulder, and was rapidly reversible. 

Moe unnecessarily suffered with agonizing pain for 40 years and was kept from doing the things he loved like biking and kayaking and living the retirement life he dreamed of. 

It cost him around $300 for 95%  LASTING pain relief in 2 days compared to THOUSANDS spent on months of physiotherapy. 

The Process
Moe was taken through the Outcomes Accountable™ Precision Diagnostic methodology. 

We quickly, accurately, and reliably identified a rapidly responding joint lesion (directional preference).

Moe simply needed to extend his lower cervical spine backwards 10x every 1-2 hours for 48 hours to COMPLETELY RESOLVE his pain. 

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RAPIDLY Reverse Your Pain With One Simple Exercise

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